A Royal Love Story: When Harry Met Sally

This is a love story of royal proportions. We recently introduced a new team member to the herd. Sally is an 18-year-old Belgian mare. Belgian’s are a breed of draft horse. They are beloved for their intelligence, loyalty and gentle nature. Sally is clearly a smart girl with a big heart.

When Sally arrived, it took a few days for things to settle – so it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that our Prinz Harry has fallen so in love with dearest Sally. For Sally is an old Biblical name, meaning “princess.”

Our very own Prinz Harry and Princess Sally are now inseparable and can’t help but nudge and nibble one another with reckless abandon and the occasional nicker. Welcome to retirement Sally! You are never too old to start a new adventure.

The Mane Intent

June 2, 2021

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