New Public Safety Personnel Mental Health Website Launches

The Mane Intent is pleased to share that we are listed as a resource for equine wellness and therapy on a new Public Safety Personnel Mental Health website. Launched June 7, 2021, the PSP Mental Health website is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) via the Posttraumatic Stress Injuries in Public Safety Personnel (PSP) Catalyst Grant. The site features a list of mental health support services available to Canadian PSP and their family members. After nearly two years, the research team identified more than 100 organizations, including The Mane Intent, that offer over 280 mental health support services across the country. 

These services include: a) animal-based, b) biofeedback therapy, c) crisis intervention, d) medical cannabis, e) mental health retreat, f) mental health workshop, g) peer support, h) psychotherapy, i) residential care, j) resource only, and k) spiritual. The main feature of PSP Mental Health allows users to easily search and filter the list of mental health support services. Some of the filters include cost, language, location, privacy, type of service, and many more.

The Mane Intent

June 18, 2021

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