Horse Experience and Workshop Testimonials

“We had a fantastic day of teambuilding with Jennifer and Pam and the amazing horses. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone looking for a unique and thoroughly enjoyable team building day.”  — Maureen Juniper, Partner and Founder, PRAXIS PR

“Jennifer’s life purpose – encapsulated in every aspect of this beautiful setting, offering and reflected in the healing nature of the majestic beings that have inspired her work. BRAVO!” Angela Mark, Angela Mark Designs

“Jennifer did an excellent job providing insight into not only the horses’ behaviour and relationship but also relaying our learning’s into real life leadership scenarios.” — Participant, Leadership Day, Kawartha Gymnastics Club

“An amazing experience. So beneficial. The wellness connection was great and connecting with nature was so wonderful.” — Susan Quinlan, Tourism Partnership & Development Officer, Peterborough Economic Development & Tourism

“Exactly the ‘connection’ we need to feel these days. This is real, applicable to daily life and lived happiness and well-being. You don’t realize how deeply you need this reality check.” — Leif Einarson, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Kawarthas Northumberland Regional Tourism Organization

“I’ve had some pretty incredible experiences in my life as part of my job telling the @ptbotourism and @PtboEcDev story to the world. Today tops the list. The Mane Intent is a must experience worth personally having and sharing. It was an incredibly authentic, deeply personal experience. I learned as much about myself as I did about the horses.” — Kelly Jessup, Marketing Officer, Peterborough Economic Development and Tourism

“At The Mane Intent, Jennifer Garland has created something truly special. Other intervention programs struggle to teach genuine self-reflection, however Jennifer’s equine colleagues effortlessly guide participants’ vision inwards. The horses do this without judgment or prejudice which allows the visitor to explore their own feelings in a safe, non-threatening manner. After my own experiences with the herd, I cannot imagine anyone leaving unmoved. A trip to The Mane Intent is transformative.” — Geoff Crane, President, Adaptimist

“I had reservations coming here; once I opened up, it was a sincere, grounding and peaceful experience. Thank you for opening your home and life to help us with our recovery.”— Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“This was one of the most difficult things I have had to do, but at the same time I feel completely at ease.”  — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“An amazing experience — I would highly recommend.”— Betty Carr- Braint, Cultural Advisor/Counsellor, First Peoples House of Learning, Trent University

“The Change Leadership workshop was a very informative workshop and challenges you to reflect on your own decisions regarding leadership and change. Good presentation and experience.” — Gail Courneya, Executive Director, Angels of Flight Canada

“I arrived with a closed mind and left with an open heart.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“These are caring, big-hearted people that know their stuff.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“Any individual or organization could benefit from this experience.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“This was an excellent experience, showing that all creatures are connected through energy.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“Thank you so much for the life changing day. I can’t believe how powerful and amazing the experience was. I have been telling everyone about the life changing awareness I gained in just one morning. Thank you for being part of my healing journey and providing me the opportunity to support what you do and recommend it to all the first responders that I know. I am very grateful.”  — Session Participant and First Responder

“I was very nervous at first. By the end of the day I didn’t want to leave and have a new appreciation for horses and the importance of energy in people.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“This was an inspirational and healing experience.”  — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“I was calm, at peace and had zero fear. I learned that I can work through my fears and actually learn to enjoy experiences that I thought would terrify me.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“The herd helped me relax, bond and connect. I learned that I can control my energy and boundaries.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“The herd showed me that when I am not in control of my inner self, everything around me is not calm. I need to learn to have an inner calm to be able to move forward.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“This was a very nice experience! It really made me identify my anxiety and how to shift it.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“I had a fantastic enlightening experience with Maggie and Harry. Go with your heart open so you can open your mind to the wonderful benefits. Thank you Jennifer Garland.”  — Catharine Tombs, Client

“Thank you for providing a safe space to breathe, ground, connect, feel, share and learn. All of the above have been the ‘Mane Intent’ of my PTSD recovery journey.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“Today I learned to come out of my comfort zone and the herd helped me by boosting my confidence with the horses.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“I learned today that I can walk into a situation feeling anxious and be able to relax and enjoy myself once I am grounded. Working with the herd made me focus on staying grounded.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“Jennifer is a fantastic facilitator. Thank you.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“This was an excellent calming and informative session which makes one think!!! I learned to live in the moment (as do the horses) and to not dwell on the past. This provided excellent insight and a new look at trauma and feelings.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post Trauma Growth

“It was overall a great day, making us come out of our comfort zones and live in the moment. — “Participant, Equine Support for Post Trauma Growth

“This was a peaceful and unique experience that had instant results with my anxiety and anger.”Participant, Equine Support for Post Trauma Growth

“Personally and professionally, I am thrilled to have found Jennifer Garland and her business – The Mane Intent. Jennifer’s style and demeanour immediately impressed me. She exudes kindness, sensitivity, passion and professional boundaries. Initially our Clinical Services staff attended a facilitated equine experiential learning session to better understand how our clients might benefit from this offering. I was not at all prepared for the life-changing experience I would personally have that day! This was a wonderful team building experience; each of us learned more about our counselling style, strengths and areas to focus on. We now encourage and refer clients to The Mane Intent. It has been wonderful to witness the profound changes and movement they have made because of their experience with the horses.” — LeeAnn Cormier, Registered Psychotherapist, Former Clinical Manager, Canadian Health Recovery Centre

“This was a phenomenal day for me.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“Today was impactful, meaningful, introspective and soul-searching.” — Participant, Team Building Workshop

“This workshop helped in shaping my perception of others and myself.” — Participant, Team Building Workshop

“This experience helped me gain powerful insight and awareness of myself both personally and professionally. Thank you. I would recommend this literally for anyone.” — Participant, Team Building Workshop

“As a corporate team building exercise or for personal growth – The Mane Intent offers a truly inspiring experience. Jennifer Garland’s artful facilitation and the gentle energy of her equine partners are a powerful combination – and its offered up in a beautiful setting! Highly recommend it.” — Bernie

“This experience was extremely calming and helped me be less guarded, more intuitive and less judging.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post Trauma Growth

“This was an amazing experience. I have learned so much about myself and my energy.”— Participant, Equine Support for Post Trauma Growth

“The Mane Intent horses helped me by showing me it is ok to be vulnerable, to be open to the experience, to feel the deep emotions the horses bring. “ — Participant, Equine Support for Post Trauma Growth

“This was an absolutely amazing, positive experience.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post Trauma Growth

“I wish I had found this amazing experience long ago. ‘Horse Power!'”— Participant, Equine Support for Post Trauma Growth

“Connecting with a horse and sharing energy with them is a beautiful step along my journey to self-realization and tranquility.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post Trauma Growth

“One of our teams visited The Mane Intent and I have to spread the word how valuable this corporate team building session was for our group. Jennifer, Susan and Bev brought a whole new experience to leadership development and self-reflection. Our group took the chance, not really sure what to expect and left with the tools we could take back to the office to use. The smiles on our faces said it all. We experienced a renewed connection among our group and we are so thankful for this opportunity. The Mane Intent is high on our list for recommendation and we look forward to working with the FEEL facilitators again in the near future. Thank you from your friends at The Commonwell.”  — Julie Yandt, BHRM, CHRL, Human Resources Manager, The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group

“Samson made me smile. When I relaxed, he relaxed. Tears came to my eyes as I was able to be so close to this magnificent creature and I felt like I was coming home — home to my ancestors and gratitude for our connection with the animals and to the earth, to belonging and love. Thank you for facilitating this wonderful experience!” — Kathy, Counsellor and Social Worker

“It is amazing to see my clients transform in front of my eyes. They are so involved in the process and are so touched by their interaction with their equine partners that they seem to get in touch with long lost emotions such as joy, care and hope. Really profound experience, offering another tool for PTSD/Trauma recovery.” — Michael Hartman, MSW (equiv.), RSW, former Clinical Manager, PTSD & Trauma Services, Bellwood Health Services Inc., Toronto, ON

“This was such an uplifting and eye opening experience for all of us. It was such a beautiful gift for all of us.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“The Mane Intent is a game changing experience. The horses and facilitators allowed me to move into a safe place.” — Participant, Equine Support for Post-Trauma Growth

“The Mane Intent was a great day of reflection that proved very revealing. This was a valuable experience for me as it allowed me to reflect on my own path and the horses listened without judgement.” — Dani, Participant, Drawing Out Your Heart’s Desire Workshop

“We had the most amazing day at The Mane Intent. The team building activities were very useful and were relevant for the workplace setting. It was a wonderful day outside, a new activity for most, not too far from Toronto, featuring great facilitators and amazing service and food. Thank you for facilitating the Reliance Home Comfort team building event.” — Caitlin Winberg, HR Consultant, Reliance Home Comfort

“Reflecting on our impact and becoming more self-aware is always a valuable experience. The insight of facilitators Jennifer Garland and Susan Andison was very valuable in getting the most out of this experience. It was a fun day, letting us be creative and enjoy the outdoors while becoming more comfortable interacting with horses and learning about ourselves and our team members.” — Jennifer Hall, HR Manager, Reliance Home Comfort

“This experience was tremendously valuable. It has put my team on the same page about our plan, our roles, and how we work together. Thanks to Sebastian, we don’t have to be worried about our obstacles — that horse helped us figure our where the ambiguity was so we could iron it out instead of stumbling along the way over the next few months. This type of event helped my team members uncover incredible insights about themselves and how we work together. That is going to create amazing momentum for us as we move forward in the business. We got done in 3 hours what could have taken us months to stumble through on our own. This is essential intervention for any team that wants to take themselves to the next level quickly!” — Mary Engel, President, The Management Coach

“Jennifer and her equine team provide a warm and safe space for people to get out of their
comfort zone and experience the importance of connections, boundaries and body language in the life of any partnership, especially in regards to making better decisions in everything we do. It was great to get out of the normal office environment, out of the usual comfort zone and try something totally different.” — Ellen Luccock, Project Manager, The Management Coach

“I think The Mane Intent would be a unique and powerful experience for anyone. Being present with the horses allowed me to get out of my head and tap into my body, heart, gut and intuition. This is a great way to gain insights that are often masked by the thoughts in our heads.” — Cheryl Lipman, President, Synergy Strategy and Coaching

“I would recommend this type of team builder as it is a super way to help teams explore and develop strengths and areas of enhancement. The horses became a safe, non-threatening way to explore themes, allowing the team the opportunity to gain insights about our dynamics and our leadership styles.” — Participant, Leading With Intent Workshop

“A great team building retreat. Very insightful. I can see the connection about trust between horse/person and client/person.” — Participant, Leading With Intent Workshop

“Working with the horses was a wholesome experience that made me use new ways to communicate and look more into myself as a whole.” — Participant, Leading With Intent Workshop

“I could relate the behaviour of the horses to the clientele we work with. This was a great new experience that I would recommend to others. I felt very welcomed, included and safe.” — Participant, Leading With Intent Workshop

“This was an amazing experience. The facilitators were a pleasure to be around and so nice to be with strong and confident women.” — Participant, Leading With Intent Workshop

“This was a very valuable experience with the interaction of the horses and their unique personalities. I really enjoyed using the props with the horses and coming to a collaborative agreement with my team members on how to strive together in the future.” — Participant, Leading With Intent Workshop

“This is the perfect setting and Jennifer’s facilitation style is encouraging and comfortable.” –Corina

“I found the horses at Renegade Ridge Farm to be some of the most insightful creatures I’ve ever laid hands on. I had never expected that a horse could steer my direction so profoundly just through a few interactions. This is for anyone who is on a journey towards personal wisdom and fulfillment. If you are into energy work, then these horses will blow your mind.” — Mary Engel, President, The Management Coach, Founder and CEO, GPMI Inc.

“The workshop with the horses provided an excellent opportunity for self-discovery and insight.” — Darren, Participant, Horse Wisdom Workshop

“The workshop was an ‘out of the box’ experience. The facilitators had very positive energy and guided us through the experience.” — Ruth, Participant, Horse Wisdom Workshop

“As a facilitator, Jennifer’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and her love of horses is her strength.” — Brenda Elkins, FEEL Facilitator, Red Horse Sense

“Jennifer allows and brings out the “leaders” within each of us. Jennifer has been a fabulous role model for me with a great sense of humour.” — Beverly Clifton, FEEL Facilitator/Educator

“Jennifer is a testament to the transformative powers of the services that she is offering at The Mane Intent. It has been an honour to witness how she has continued to be open to new possibilities  for herself over the past 10 years since we met. As a result, Jennifer is now living her dream and is able to authentically share her inspiring journey with others. I’m so happy for her and look forward to our future collaborations.” — Louise Racine, Owner, Thirteen Moons Culinary Wellness