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At the Mane Intent Inc.™, we offer memorable experiences for individuals and groups seeking meaningful connections and greater well-being — personally or professionally. Each is thoughtfully presented by qualified professionals and supported by our herd. Our horses invite you to connect with the wisdom of your heart and bring greater intuition, intention, gratitude, resilience, love and kindness into your life. With the exception of Your Heart Journey (Personal Coaching) and Heart Touch (Reiki and Therapeutic Touch), all of the experiences below are offered as an individual experience or for groups of up to 12 people. Book your experience today!


Heart Connection – Meet the Herd

Connect with your heart’s desire.

Rekindle your relationship with self, others and nature in this introductory offering. Discover the joy of meeting a gentle herd of horses and set the stage for your transformational journey of healing, personal growth and renewal.

Your Experience Will Include:

Horses: Participate in ground-based horse activities that explore themes of heart-connection, intuition, body language, presence, boundaries, self-care, communication, emotions and trust.

Heritage: Explore the breathtaking scenic beauty of this century farm with pasture fields, hedgerows, woodland walks, historic buildings, a stone labyrinth and the tranquil sights and sounds of nature.

Heart: Rediscover, refresh and revitalize your heart and transform your life.


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Your Heart Journey – Personal life coaching

Horses are nature’s best coaches, with strong shoulders to lean on as you navigate the twists and turns that life presents at work and at home. Baptiste De Pape, in the book The Power of the Heart, teaches us that our heart possesses its own unique intelligence and is capable of transforming our views on money, health, relationships and success.

Is your heart yearning to be heard? Are you seeking greater purpose in life? Do you need support and clarity after a difficult life experience? Are you looking for authentic relationships and meaningful connections?

We provide private, customized coaching to further connect you with the intelligence of your heart. With a gentle horse guide and certified coach by your side, learn heart-smart strategies for changing your life and to live more fully with intent.

Your Experience Will Include:

Horses: Participate in a series of progressive ground-based activities that explore the themes of heart-connection and intention, intuition, presence, boundaries, self-care, communication, natural leadership, emotional intelligence and trust.

Personal Reflection: Follow the path to your heart’s desire: take a reflective stroll through our outdoor stone labyrinth, go on a meditative walk through our woodland trail or find a quiet spot to jot down your thoughts in your personal journal.

Wellness: Experience presence and find a grounded sense of self in the breath-taking scenery of our century farm while building confidence, greater resilience, coping skills and most importantly your heart intelligence for our fast-paced, ever-changing modern world.

Goals: Identify life and work goals or intentions and create a heart-smart plan to achieve them.

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Hearts in Harmony – Healthy Relationships

Deepen the connection between your heart and another’s. Rejuvenate, strengthen and celebrate significant relationships in your life in this unique offering for couples, families or friends.

Our heart-sensitive herd will guide you and your loved one(s) to enhanced communication, vulnerability, trust, and shared personal growth.

Your Experience Will Include:

Horses: Participate in shared, ground-based horse activities that explore themes of connection, communication, boundaries, mindful listening, body language, trust and emotional presence.

Personal Reflection: Share a reflective stroll through our outdoor stone labyrinth, go on a meditative walk through our woodland trail or find a quiet spot to chat or  jot down your thoughts in the personal journal we provide. 

Healthy Living: Renew your senses in the natural beauty of the farm and enjoy a nutritious locally sourced lunch* and healthy snacks. 

Hearts in Harmony: Deepen the connection between you and your loved ones.

*Lunch and snacks are optional and based on guest needs.

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Expressive Hearts – Creative Experience

Let the colours of your heart guide your paintbrush, marker, crayon or pencil. Express yourself with words, images, pictures and art. Our herd invites you to find your creative voice, create your personal vision and discover the freedom and joy of expression.

Open up to the spirited nature of horses and unleash your creative muse in these unique, art-filled experiences.

Connect with other expressive souls seeking a sacred space to support their creative journey.

Learn how creative expression can lead us to greater innovation, self-awareness, courage and personal freedom.

Your Experience Will Include

Horses: Work with a horse guide who will hold space so that you can safely and courageously connect to your creative muse or be inspired by the majestic beauty of our herd to create your best work.

Creative Muse: Participate in unique exercises and activities to help unlock your creative muse and draw encouragement from a supportive group of artists (for all experience levels).

Inspiration: Find inspiration in from the connection of mind, body, heart and spirit, the sights and sounds of surrounding nature, your horse guides and your creative community.

Expressive Heart: Create art in all its forms that comes straight from the heart.

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Zen Hearts – Cultivating Calm

…the purpose of all Zen teaching—to make you wonder and to answer that wondering with the deepest expression of your own nature.” ~ Shunryu Suzuki-roishi, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

It’s been scientifically proven that nature can enhance our mood. It opens our heart, it relaxes our body and it revitalizes us. This experience invites to you find your zen – in the moment — with your horse guide.

Horses invite us to find peace in our hearts and to be in the moment as we release the chatter of our minds. They invite us to feel the warmth of their fur and the richness of touch. They invite us to reclaim the present moment and take ownership for our life. In the revitalizing country air of the farm, you can find a renewed sense of self and a grounded connection with heritage, horses and heart.

Step into the embrace of Mother Nature and experience ‘heartfulness’, peace and true presence of self.

Your Experience Will Include

• Horses: Ground-based activities with a horse guide exploring themes such as emotional and body awareness, the power of personal presence, breathe and healthy breathing, intuition, and self-reflection.

• Personal Reflection: You are invited to view your life as a series of present moments as you take a reflective stroll through our stone labyrinth, go on a mindfulness hike through our woodland trail or sit and listen to nature while you jot down your thoughts in the personal journal provided. Take this time to explore your personal awareness – what bubbles up within you when you pay attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally.

• Mindfulness: A chance to find a ground sense of self in the breathtaking scenic beauty of this historic farm while you build coping skills for our modern world and a willingness to come back to present, the here and now, even while challenged by the turmoil of modern life. 

• Zen Heart: Gift yourself the experience of inner peace, happiness and an open, peaceful heart grounded in presence.

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Hearts at Work – Leadership & Team

The need for authentic leadership and an engaged team has never been greater.

As technology rapidly changes our work environments, your investment in human traits that cannot be replicated by machines is a prerequisite for organizational success. Creating a heart-based, innovative, cooperative work culture is essential.

These unique individual and team-building experiences use on-the-ground, horse-based exercises to reveal powerful insights on the motivational, emotional and social influences that shape how you effectively lead and influence others and how your team works most effectively together.

Whether you are a leader/manager, business owner, health care professional, project manager or someone with leadership career aspirations, let our herd guide you to more effective communication, better collaboration, enhanced creativity and productivity in your workplace.

Step out of the office and into the beautiful natural setting of our farm where a transformative experience with horses awaits you and your team.

Your Experience Will Include

Horses: Ground-based, horse activities with exploring themes such as natural leadership, teamwork, connection, personal presence, trust, change management and communication.

Leadership: Redefine the qualities of a good leader and create a compassionate, inspired workplace with increased performance outcomes.

Creativity: Uncover creative approaches to work and workplace by fostering better collaboration with your team, understanding resistance and a creating a safer space for innovation and new ideas. 

Resiliency: Explore the emotions that arise at work and learn to best manage them during times of high stress.

Teamwork: Engage in meaningful team-building exercises with energy-sensitive horses sensing and responding to unseen group dynamics. 

Contact us to learn more about these offerings: 

Team Building

Meaningful Connections: Authentic Leadership at Work

Leadership Development for Women

Effectiveness Coaching 

Horses and Healthcare Professionals

Leading Organizational Change

Resilient Leadership

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Hearts in Healing – Post-Trauma Growth

Trauma lingers in our hearts and ripples out to every corner of our lives. Trust, safety, self-confidence and well-being crumbles. Isolation, loneliness, sadness and depression enter in. 

Whether you are a survivor or a care provider, our herd of gentle horses will guide you to a renewed sense of self, well-being and a heart ready to heal.

Our trauma-informed programs are designed specifically for both healing hearts and hearts that heal. 

In the caring presence of your horse companions, you’ll find a safe and welcoming space to explore the varying dimensions of your personal healing journey and return to wellness. 

Your Experience Will Include

Horses: Experience the relief and release of your emotional self as you share a heart connection with an equine partner of your choice. Activities explore themes of meaningful connection, re-establishing relationship, boundaries, body language, trust and emotional presence.

Wellness: Learn how trauma impacts your mind, body and spirit. Unburden yourself of the stress of trauma as you rediscover the value of self-care, boundaries and trust in the safe, calming presence of the herd.

Mindfulness: Embrace the herd’s invitation to heal, surrounded by woodlands, gardens and pastoral beauty. Or take a reflective journey through our stone labyrinth as you reconnect with yourself.

Healing Heart: Listen to the inner voice of your heart and become attuned with your life again. Regain your sense of direction. Develop a renewed sense of who you are and ground yourself in the rich rural serenity of the farm, while letting the healing embrace of nature touch your heart. 

Our trauma-informed programming has included:

Building Internal Resilience Through Horses

Bellwood Health Services PTSD/OSI/Addiction Treatment Program Support

To learn more about our offering or book a private session – contact us at 705-295-6618.

What is trauma informed practice?

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Heart Touch – Reiki and Therapeutic Touch

If you’re seeking stress relief and an opportunity to relax and regroup — then Reiki can help. 

We offer private reiki sessions at the farm with option of having your session in the barn with our horses present (and in their stalls).

Reiki is a form of biofield therapy based on the belief that there are energy fields that flow through and around your body. When energy is flowing freely through your body, you generally have good emotional, physical and spiritual health. When you are physically or emotionally unwell or depleted, then the energy flow is blocked.


What to Expect:

While the client is fully clothed and in a seated or lying position on the massage table, the practitioner’s hands are placed along the body’s energy centres including the head, face, neck, shoulders, upper chest, abdomen, legs, neck and back (similar to the areas used in acupuncture).

The client may experience heat and/or a sensation from the hands of the practitioner. As the session progresses, the client may experience lightness, a flowing sensation, deep relaxation or even sleep.


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