Celebrating our Work with Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre

We are now wrapping up a very busy year of groups here at The Mane Intent. One of the organizations we’ve had the pleasure of supporting for the past few years is Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre, including supporting the Indigenous Peoples Court Program. This year we hosted over six – six-week equine-assisted psychotherapy groups including men, women and fathers and sons — as part of this offering. Other agency groups included students and Two-Spirit youth.

We thoroughly enjoy this work and always appreciate the unfolding and self-discovery that occurs each week between horses and humans. Huge thanks to the Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre team and especially Kanda Rogers, Gladue Aftercare Worker, for her on-going leadership and support.

Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre’s Indigenous Justice Services programs are dedicated to helping the Indigenous community of Nogojiwanong (Peterborough) and the surrounding area who are involved in the justice system, both criminally and family. The program brings Indigenous-centered and culturally-based justice alternatives including equine-assisted psychotherapy groups provided by The Mane Intent. The Indigenous community requires safe and unbiased treatment within the justice system, having access to the proper legal and cultural resources.

Here are some of the insights shared by participants of this program:

This is an amazing environment and a safe space.”

I learned the 90 second pause to get myself grounded.”

It was an amazing last few weeks learning about myself with the help of horses.”

I would recommend this program to anyone, especially the ones going through trauma or who just need a better outlook on themselves and life.”

I learned to use fear as a tool to be a guided that I’m exiting my comfort zone.”

Today I came feeling deeply depressed and anxious. The horses helped free me of stress and gave me a feeling of relaxation.”

I would like to remember the joy of working with Blue.”

I learned that being calm in a situation can make the whole situation calm.”

Healing through developing a relationship with horses is incredible.”

If you have a group that would benefit from equine-assisted psychotherapy or would like to learn more, please give us a call at 416-347-3235.

The Mane Intent

December 6, 2023

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