Miigwech Niijkiwendidaa Anishnabekwewag Services Circle

This year The Mane Intent hosted three groups of women supported by Niijkiwendidaa Anishnabekwewag Services Circle (NASC). NACS is dedicated to the development and delivery of healing services for Anishnaabekwewag (Indigenous women) and their families who have experienced violence, or are at risk of experiencing violence. Therapeutic healing work is conducted through the use of Anishnaabe practices, blended with community-centred and client-centred methods of healing such as equine-assisted psychotherapy groups. Here are some of participants’ takeaways:

“Boundaries are necessary for a fulfilled life. It’s ok to say no – it’s a complete sentence.”

“I learned a lot about my mental health and understanding cues of others and my own feelings.”

“I would like to remember that I can do it!”

“I would like to remember everyone’s courage today. This experience was beautiful.”

 In a Google Review, Jennifer Clearwater of Niijkiwendidaa Anishnabekwewag Services Circle notes: “Jennifer Garland and the horses at The Mane Intent are phenomenal. They work from a trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, strengths-based approach. Participants can have the opportunity to learn about the meaningful connections, healthy boundaries, communication and mindfulness all while building resilience within. Each experience is thoughtfully presented and supported by the horses on the farm. I encourage those who are seeking support to reach out to Jennifer.”

If you have a group that may benefit from equine-assisted psychotherapy or would like to learn more, please call 416-347-3235.

The Mane Intent

December 6, 2023

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