Exploring ‘The Work’ at Fells Meadows

Fells Meadows lived up to its promise — one hundred acres of peace and serenity to nourish mind, body and spirit in the heart of Northumberland County. If you are seeking a space to retreat – this is the place to go.

I am just back from a weekend retreat with four other women hosted by Fells Meadow’s owner Leslie Fell.  Leslie is the steward of the land that defines Fells Meadows: “For years, I wanted to create a sanctuary space which projected the land and enabled people to hold a place to rejuvenate in nature, in solitude or with friends and family. I was drawn to the property for its numerous ecosystems, rolling hills, diverse wildlife and whispering trees.”

The focus of the retreat was “The Work of Byron Katie.” As described on Fells Meadows web site: “The Work” is a simple yet powerful process of inquiry, inspired by Byron Katie. It identifies and questions stressful thoughts and is a way to work with judgements and/or projections. It consists of four questions and the turnarounds.”

Together with four other women, gently led by Leslie, we teased out our core beliefs and challenged self-limiting thoughts. Leslie created a warm sanctuary for discussion and learning. Our talks were punctuated with nutritious meals and the opportunity to explore the ecologically diverse countryside that surrounds the farm house. For me, this included a walk on the labyrinth that adorns the property, some quiet time sitting among the trees, and in particular, a visit to the Grandmother Hickory – Sacred Truth Tree.

If you are seeking a retreat space or a place to retreat, Fells Meadows offers a variety of accommodation options. This includes an 1860 renovated farm house where we stayed and a number of self-contained havens or cabins with magnificent views of the countryside. Leslie offers a variety of retreats and event experiences at Fells Meadows. Extensive studies and travels across the world expanded her awareness and understanding of mindfulness, inquiry, indigenous practices and the healing aspects of nature. It is all here at Fells Meadows. Learn more at www.fellsmeadows.com.


The Mane Intent

November 6, 2023

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