Multidimensional Inventory for Personal Intelligence™ Assessments and Coaching Now Available

We’re pleased to share that all individual coaching and team effectiveness clients now have access to  Multidimensional Inventory for Personal Intelligence (MIPI) assessments and coaching. Developed by Adaptimist Insights Inc. and its academic partners, this evidence-based personal intelligence assessment provides insight into emotional, social and motivational competencies that can help or hinder our interpersonal relationship and our ability to effectively lead and work with others.

We’ve learned a lot about emotional intelligence (EI) over the last 30 years, but it’s unlikely we’ll glean much more from measures that capture EI exclusively. Emotional competencies help us react better in challenging situations but they don’t help us change. They don’t help us navigate social situations,” says Geoff Crane, President of Adaptimist Insights Inc.: “We created the MIPI because we recognized that we’ve only just scratched the surface of what we can learn about personal competencies. Measuring emotional, social and motivational competencies together offers up incredible, well-rounded insights into our own behaviours. We’re really excited to make our assessment tools available to clients of The Mane Intent.”

In our current environment of uncertainty, continuous change and remote workers, there’s never been a greater need for leadership and managers to demonstrate empathy, while effectively self-regulating and navigating their own emotional landscape, and effectively using social intelligence for greater engagement and overall wellness.

This self-assessment tool is completed on-line with ease and effectiveness, providing insights that support:

  • Understanding and recognizing how emotions influence our thoughts and actions at work;
  • Greater self-awareness about how our behaviour impacts others and when we need to alter our actions to support the needs of others around us;
  • Remain focused while navigating chaos and change;
  • Host uncomfortable conversations while working through conflict to achieve shared goals;
  • Give and receive feedback and foster meaningful conversations and interpersonal relationships.
  • Sharpen decision-making skills that support the pursuit of long-term goals and professional achievement;
  • Enhance your ability to influence others to behave in ways that align with shared goals;
  • Ultimately enhance personal and organizational engagement and wellness.

MIPI assessment feedback is provided in a personally customized on-line report and coaching opportunity that highlights the following areas:

  • Emotional Competency (Emotional understanding, Introspectiveness, Performance Readiness, and Social Agency).
  • Social Competency (Social Integration, Performance Readiness and Social Agency).
  • Motivational Competency (Motivational Self-Efficacy, Motivational Influence, and Perseverance).

If this information would help you and your teams work more effectively together, please give us a call at 705-295-6618.

Adaptimist Insights President Geoff Crane is a program delivery partner of The Mane Intent, having co-created and co-facilitated Meaningful Connections: Authentic Leadership at Work retreats. This memorable, two-day accelerated learning experience is especially designed for leader-managers in corporate settings, and business owners engaging others in today’s evolving workspaces. Working with horses, participants will gain powerful insights into the motivational, emotional and social influences that shape their leadership decisions.

Back in the classroom, we draw upon time proven techniques from the realms of clinical psychology, law enforcement, biology and mathematics, participants learn how to extract facts and retain logic even under extremely stressful conditions. At the same time, students have the opportunity to build healthy relationships and improve overall communication with others.

If you are seeking a safe space to build team relationships and enhance your leadership skills and competencies, contact us about our workshops, retreats and programs or email

The Mane Intent

December 17, 2020

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