Wishing You Peace and Joy from the Herd

The Mane Intent

Life is ebb and flow. 2020 presented us with a tidal wave of both. While we share this pandemic year, we’re all experiencing it differently with varying degrees of difficulty. Big or small – the ebb and flow of loss and grief surrounds us all. Our relationship with and connection to others is keeping us afloat. We hope you are navigating these unexpected circumstances and uncertainty with capacity to find kindness for others and for your self. You are not alone. 

With our found time, we made enhancements to the farm, including the addition of an indoor, all-season workshop space. We welcomed some chickens and planted our first vegetable garden. It’s also been a year of releasing expectation, learning to say no and accepting things as they are. It’s been a time to appreciate the peaceful presence of the herd and the beautiful land around us. To learn more about our news and updates, go here

From our herd to yours — we wish you a safe and healthy new year. We invite you to find joy in the every day. Reach out to those who are isolated, alone or struggling. Tell them you care and take care of yourself. We would love to hear how you are doing. 

Let’s hope 2021 is kinder to us all.