Kawarthas Northumberland Partnership Funding Helps Launch New, One of a Kind Awakening Your Possibilities Women’s Retreats in 2015

The Mane Intent is pleased to announce the receipt of experiential tourism funds from the Kawarthas Northumberland Partnership Fund (KNPF) to support the marketing of “Awakening Your Possibilities” Women’s Retreats to be launched in a number of formats starting in April, 2015. “Awakening Your Possibilities” Women’s Retreats will be offered by Thirteen Moons Wellness, The Mane Intent and In Circle With Life.

“Increasingly, women are seeking more meaningful tourism opportunities that offer something a bit deeper than just a break from routine. As a unique and personalized experience for up to 8 participants, the “Awakening Your Possibilities” Women’s Retreat provides that opportunity, ” explains Louise Racine, Owner, Thirteen Moons Wellness in Norwood, Ontario, where the retreats will be hosted.

Thirteen Moons1Since 2001, Thirteen Moons has offered women individual and intimate small group retreats, including Drumming Circles and Drum Making Workshops, where a connection to nature and nourishing food are key components. As much as possible, Louise uses local, fresh, organic ingredients to create a wide selection of nutritious and delectable dishes. Experiential learning opportunities are incorporated throughout this unique retreat including:

  • One or two days of one-on-one and group exercises with the wise herd of horses at The Mane Intent. Using Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL), participants work on the ground in partnership with the horses in a controlled setting (no previous riding experience is required). The FEEL approach engages all of the senses – sight, touch, smell, hearing as well as developing our innate intuitive sense– and many of the activities are focused on awakening our senses and learning how to use them in a mindful way to explore new possibilities.
  • A drum making workshop at Thirteen Moons to help open and connect us to our heart space, prompting ancestral curiosity and awakening our inner wisdom. This activity honours the use of drums over centuries by many different cultures for ceremonies, healings, and rites of passage.

“We’d like to thank Regional Tourism Organization 8 and the Province of Ontario for their support of this unique tourism experience offered only in Kawarthas Northumberland. The power of food to heal, nourish and soothe our bodies, minds and spirits is a key component of the Thirteen Moons experience and we are looking forward to sharing this experience as part of the “Awakening Your Possibilities” retreats,” adds Racine.

“We are really pleased to be collaborating with Thirteen Moons and In Circle With Life to offer these retreats, including a session for mothers and daughters. Our main intent is to connect people to possibility using horse power. The experiential interactions with horses that we offer help you discover ways to nurture and strengthen interpersonal connections; find connection and meaning in a busy life; unearth talents, gifts and creativity; and ultimately, live life fully with intent,” says Jennifer Garland, Owner/Program Director, The Mane Intent.

“I am very honoured to be facilitating the Drum Making experience and to be co-facilitating with Jennifer and her drummingmajestic horse partners. I have been blessed to witness some very profound transformations from sharing these ancient ways of healings and self-development. The process of making a personal drum is an unforgettable experience regardless of the participant’s ancestral background. I believe the drums call us home and the horses want to lead us to our greatest potential,” says Adele Racine Passmore, Owner, In Circle With Life.

“Earlier this fall, Louise and Jennifer, along with 60 other tourism stakeholders attended our ‘Experiential Tourism’ workshops to learn more about developing new ways of working together to drive revenue growth through innovation.  The “Awakening Your Possibilities” women’s retreat is the creative result of the workshop process.  We look forward to our partnership with these entrepreneurs and to assist in bringing this travel experience to market,” says Christine Painter, Regional Project Manager for RTO8 Kawarthas Northumberland.

For more information, contact Louise Racine at 705-652-9329 or Louise@thirteenmoons.ca

About the Facilitators

Louise Racine, Owner, Thirteen Moons Wellness Retreat near Norwood, is a certified nutritional practitioner, educator and cookbook author. Since 2001, Thirteen Moons has been a space for women who are seeking respite from the stress and commitment of their lives, to be the person cared for rather than the caregiver or to learn more about the importance of self-care.

Adele Racine Passmore, Owner, In Circle With Life, is a travelling Health & Wellness Practitioner, based out of Toronto. Since completing her FEEL certification in 2010, she has been facilitating horse medicine along with her Drum Making Workshops and Drumming Circles at various locations in Ontario.

Jennifer Garland is Owner/Program Director of The Mane Intent of Indian River, ON. She has her certification in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning and her intent is to bring horses and humans together to explore new possibilities and experiences that get them out of their comfort zone and give clarity of voice to their leader within. She brings to this unique work over 25 years of corporate leadership experience in communications, marketing and change management for a variety of sectors including healthcare. For more information, go to www.themaneintent.ca

The Mane Intent

January 12, 2015

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