Canadian Health Recovery Centre Now Refers Its Clients to The Mane Intent

“Personally and professionally, I am thrilled to have found Jennifer Garland and her business, The Mane Intent. Jennifer’s style and demeanour immediately impressed me. She exudes kindness, sensitivity, passion and professional boundaries. Initially our Clinical Services staff attended a facilitated equine experiential learning session to better understand how our clients might benefit from this unique offering. I was not at all prepared for the life-changing experience I would personally have that day! It was a wonderful team building experience; each of us learned more about our counselling style, strengths and areas to focus on. We now encourage and refer clients to The Mane Intent. It has been wonderful to witness the profound changes and movement they have made because of their experience with the horses.” LeeAnn Cormier, Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Manager, Canadian Health Recovery Centre

We’re pleased to announce that The Canadian Health Recovery Centre (CHRC), based in Peterborough, Ontario, is now referring their clients to The Mane Intent for private and group facilitated equine experiential learning sessions, with a focus on mental health and wellness.

Canadian Health Recovery Centre is a male-only treatment centre and their program is designed exclusively for the GM Samson3needs of recovering men and their families. CHRC provides a safe and nurturing environment where men are able to focus on issues such as drug and alcohol dependency, shame and guilt, depression, anxiety, codependency, self-esteem, trauma and relationship resolution.

Its health practitioners and counselling staff deal specifically with the complexities of restoring the mind, body and spirit. The importance of group and individual counseling for personal recovery is recognized. CHRC recognizes that addiction is not a choice — but recovery is.

“No one every plans or chooses to become an addict…but you can choose to recover and we have a treatment plan that will transform your life and the lives around you.”

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (2011), addiction is more than a behaviour issue; it is a primary neurological disorder affecting brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry.

Addiction is progressive and if left untreated, it can lead to premature death. Each year, more deaths are attributed to addiction related problems than vehicle related deaths. Reaching out and asking for help is the first step towards lasting sobriety.

For more information on programs offered by the Canadian Health Recovery Centre, call toll-free 1-844-539-2225 or go to


The Mane Intent

June 17, 2016

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