Viviane’s View: Time to Say Goodbye

“The best thing about memories is making them…” – unknown

144 days at The Mane Intent

There are no words to express how grateful I am for the time I spent here, the moments that melted my heart, opened my eyes and gave me perspective.

I had no idea what my internship would be like. I had no idea what it would turn into and I had no idea that this time would change my life. But it did. So many moments — the moment when a girl rediscovered her own value, realizing through the eyes of a horse that she is worthy of love. The moment when a soldier leaned on a horse’s shoulder, letting his guard down and realizing that he doesn’t need to fight or be the strong one anymore. The moment when a group discovered that everybody is powerful in his own way and together they can stand strong. The moment when I realized: Together we can heal and together we can make a difference in each other’s lives.

Making this difference, seeing the shift in individuals who come from a really dark place, finding hope and peace in the presence of a horse, rediscovering that their past doesn’t have to determine their future and that there is still a way forward, has been a priceless gift and made it even clearer that there are so many things that money can’t buy. One of them is providing people with new hope. And the light you can shine on their lives automatically shines back on yours. Seeing the world in this new light will help me find my way and on that way I will make sure I’ll spread the word: Horses are great healers and they should be heard!

The Mane Intent is a unique place and I hope that many more people will allow the herd to be part of their life and healing journey.

Thank you Jennifer for making me part of your vision. Thank you for all the chances you gave me and your endless trust. There are not very many people out there who have such a big heart like you do.

Thank you to every single one who was part of this journey. Thank you for all the memories that will remain. Thank you for creating a space where I felt at peace, a place that allowed me to grow and find myself. A place that I would love to return to one day. I’ll miss you guys – a part of my heart will always stay.

Editor’s Note: A number of people have asked for a copy of the lyrics to the song Viviane wrote reflecting her experience here called Horses Are Great Healers. The lyrics are posted below. Note the reference to: “Let’s watch only one last bloody show…” is a shout out to the hubby who likes to watch television shows that generally start with a “viewer discretion is advised” disclaimer.

Horses Are Great Healers 

Written by Viviane Burmester

Today it seems like a lifetime ago, applying to a place that I didn’t know. Today it feels like I’ve always been living in this magical scene.

I’ll take the message and I’ll spread the word. Horses are great healers and they should be heard.

I’ll miss them for who they are. Blue so gentle — soon so far. Misty a princess without a crown. Harry the greatest four-legged clown.

Sebastian you did steal my heart. I wish distance wouldn’t tear us apart. Your love, your trust and your respect.  Is something my heart will never forget.

I’ll take the message. And I’ll spread the word. Horses are great healers and they should be heard.

Just one more workshop, a quote picture and a poster on top. Seb lets go for one last ride before I take my flight things will be just fine. If we hook up the wagon just one more time. Let’s watch only one last bloody show before I have to go.

I’ll take the message and I’ll spread the word. Horses are great healers and they should be heard.

And I wish that I could stay, but I have to move on and find my way. Thanks to you I know where I wanna be. On dark days these memories will empower me.

I’ll take the message and I’ll spread the word. Horses are great healers and they should be heard.

Viviane’s goodbye video can be viewed here.

Prinz Harry and Viviane Burmester

About the Author: Viviane Burmester is a third year student of International Business Management at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg, Germany who just completed a 5-month internship at The Mane Intent. English is her second language.




The Mane Intent

July 25, 2017

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