Viviane’s View: My Prinz Harry is a Charmer

“Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.” — Hans Christian Andersen

“I don’t need the prince, but I will keep the horse.” That’s what my favorite postcard on my room door says. I arrive at The Mane Intent and who do I meet? A prince. He’s charming, pretty and loveable. His name is Prinz Harry.

Why do I fall in love with the prince I always said I don’t need? Here is the answer: I am still keeping the horse. Prinz Harry is one of the most gorgeous four-legged fellows I’ve ever seen. What I already know — he is absolutely trustworthy. He is not looking for the perfect, pretty fairy tale princess who never experienced how rough life can be. He knows himself that life isn’t always easy. But he also knows that life is easier when you experience it with somebody by your side — somebody who is just like him. Harry usually has someone by his side.

The only thing that counts for Harry is what’s in your heart.  If you are willing to give your heart to him, trusting that he will take good care of it — then he will. If you look into Harry’s gentle, dark eyes, the first thing you might see is that he loves to play. But if you take a closer look, his cheeky glimpse will fade. Just as many of us hide our dark side, what appears in Harry’s eyes is something that he seems to be hiding behind his funny character.

Prinz Harry and Viviane Burmester

The way Harry sometimes looks at me tells me that he knows what it means to not fulfill the expectations of others or your own expectations. He knows what it means to give in and say “All I want is just to be. I don’t want to run anymore. All I want is to live and to be loved.” Looking at his history as a former racing horse, this sentence seems logical. But I think he is not referring to his former racing career. I think maybe he is telling me something that we should always keep in mind:

We don’t live to fulfill expectations. We live to find our own place in this fast-moving world and to write our own story. Here. In the present. And Harry loves to be our perfect prince for a little while, walking by our side showing us what Hans Christian Andersen once said: “Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.”

With all his energy, Harry awakens the energy within you to start walking your path again, showing who we really are. Even though he likes to be close and loves to play with everything he gets a hold of — no matter if it’s your jacket or the lead rope — he teaches you that he will treat you with all his respect if you do the same to him. He will also make you laugh. Is there anything better than our Prinz with his sense of humour and a good laugh?

For more information on Harry’s story go here.

About the Author: Viviane Burmester is a third year student of International Business Management at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg, Germany who is spending a 5-month internship at The Mane Intent.

The Mane Intent

March 13, 2017

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