Discovering Joy in Kawarthas Northumberland

Where can you discover joy in Kawarthas Northumberland? Many of our clients report finding joy when they step into our barn and spend time with our horses. Beyond our fences there are also plenty of places to experience joy in the areas around our farm. The Mane Intent is centrally located in Kawarthas Northumberland just east of Peterborough. This is a very large region filled with endless options for fun, relaxation, incredible adventure (and joy). It is within easy reach of the Greater Toronto Area and Central Ontario, as well as much of Upstate and Western New York.

The area is anchored by the sparkling Trent-Severn Waterway, one of the world’s longest canal systems and the magnificent heritage lock stations that connect hundreds of km of pristine rivers and unspoiled lakes are sure to amaze. Three areas define this beautiful region:

Northumberland County where historic towns and villages, distinguished by their stately 19th century architecture, are encircled by 1000 km of stunning trails, pristine north shore beaches, 2 provincial parks, 2 forests and 15 nature reserves.
The City of Kawartha Lakes, a.k.a. the House boating Capital of Ontario, where inviting communities are juxtaposed with stretches of stunningly beautiful countryside laced with 250 winding rivers and lakes.
Peterborough and the Kawarthas, a vibrant mid-size city and picturesque environs noted for its pride of place, historic charm and countless festivals and events.

Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to personally experience a small sample of endless joy available to area visitors when I attended an Edge of the Wedge and Ignite Alumni Reunion hosted by Kawarthas Northumberland Regional Tourism Organization 8. We were offered up a day of fun experiences, networking and discussion. It was a day that incorporated all of our senses and then some.

In the spirit of ‘experience’, we participated in meal preparation guided by Steve Elmhirst at Elmhirst Resort (for those of us who stay in-doors) and by Caleb Musgrave of Canadian Bushcraft  and Noah Korne of The Land Canadian Adventures (for those who enjoy the outdoors). Lunch was a delicious and colourful meal of eggs benedict, vegetarian lasagna, bannock, and fish with apple crisp and maple candy for desert.

Perry Gottel of Tranquility Cove Adventures in PEI.

It’s also always a treat to hear the stories of other entrepreneurs. Perry Gottel of Tranquility Cove Adventures (TCA) in Prince Edward Island began the day by sharing his story. Perry is the owner/operator and skipper of TCA and has been on the water most of his life, first fishing with his Dad, then in 1987 buying his own outfit. He is a 3rd generation Lobsterman and loved his work fishing the same lobster ground as his Dad and Grandfather. In 2007 he started TCA — with his first summer fully operating in 2008. The business has been growing ever since, offering unique adventures for all ages. Perry retired from fishing in 2012 turning all his energy to TCA and he is now Prince Edward Island’s leading Experiential Tourism Provider. He clearly enjoys offering up his passion for fishing and the ocean to others. Even Rick Mercer shared his joy after spending day with Perry and his team. Check out the clip here.

Perry concluded his remarks by sharing his nine ‘principles’ for being an experiential tourism operator and entrepreneur:
1. Chart your future!
2. Change your life.
3. Lead with integrity at work
4. Dare to be a visionary
5. Live in the now!
6. Tell your story
7. Be a do’er
8. Have fun
9. Care

These are principles I can related to! The Mane Intent is proud to be one of hundreds of tourism operators in Kawarthas Northumberland. We provide memorable experiences with intent working with horses as natural coaches (no previous horse experiences is required and all activities are completed on the ground working in partnership with the horses).

Here are just a few of the others who participated in the Alumni event. Check them out when you plan your visit: Westben Concerts at the Barn (a recent Order of Canada recipient), Lang Pioneer Village, The Capitol Theatre or Cultivate Food Festival. Looking for accommodation – check out Elmhirst Resort, Windswept, Beachwood Resort, Best Western Cobourg, or Scotsman Point Resort. Or visit Kawarthas Northumberland to learn more about all this beautiful area has to offer.

Jennifer Garland and Raven, a natural coach at The Mane Intent

About the Author: Jennifer Garland is the Owner/Program Director of The Mane Intent, offering Health and Wellness Workshops and Individual and Team Effectiveness Coaching. Jennifer’s intent is to bring horses and humans together to explore new possibilities, getting you out of your comfort zone and giving clarity of voice to your leader within. She has over 25 years of leadership experience in communications, cause-related marketing and change management. As a strategist, facilitator and effectiveness coach, Jennifer has provided counsel and support to senior leaders from all walks of life to build productive relationships, facilitate learning and to embrace change. She is a ‘socialpreneur’ who values the art of living life fully with intent.

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The Mane Intent

January 18, 2018

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