“The strength of Samson’s heart energy reached out like a powerful magnet drawing out the life shrapnel that litters my heart, mind and soul. What a wonderful majestic and honourable spirit he has.” Client, The Mane Intent

“Samson has a real peace about him that made me feel that he understood what I was feeling.” Participant, Equine Support for Post-Traumatic Growth

Samson is a gentle giant with soft eyes and a welcoming presence. This Clydesdale/Belgium cross is a consensual leader, taking charge when he needs to, but equally happy to follow when required.  Sampson has spent the bulk of his life working hard with little time off.  When he could no longer keep up with the demands of heavy labour, he found himself at auction. He arrived at the farm in March, 2013 — physically and emotionally worn out, underweight and ready to heal.

SampsonToday, Samson is learning to let go,  have a little fun and show his vulnerability. He is most happy quietly grazing with his partner Raven. Clients are drawn to his majestic power and some are a little intimidated by his size. He is very strong and has a commanding presence. But this big boy has a massive heart of gold and he is happy to share it.  He loves to be groomed and welcomes, albeit bashfully, any attention directed his way. Today, he is thoroughly enjoying the freedom of a wide open paddock and likes to roam with intent from one spot to another. He has learned to accept gifts from others and enjoys the occasional treat. Stand close to Samson and he is happy to lend you a solid shoulder to lean on, while inviting you to be grounded in his strength.