Prinz Harry

“I truly believe that Harry has found his true calling now because I felt his heart strong and his genuine enthusiasm for this work. I believe Harry’s heart cried out for him to be a healer. I am so grateful that he found his way to follow that calling and that you gave him such a safe and nurturing place to do so.” Private Client, The Mane Intent

“Harry is beautiful and majestic and he reminds me of serenity which I seek.” Participant, Equine Support for Post-Traumatic Growth

When he unexpectedly collapsed on the track, Prinz Harry’s career in harness racing came to an abrupt end in November 2014.  Just four years old and with so much potential, a broken heart ensured that Harry would never race again.  His owners wanted to find him a good home and that’s how this royal boy took on a new career as a member of The Mane Intent herd.

Harry’s previous owners are from Scotland so we pronounce his name like the Sanskrit word “Hari” as in “Hari Krishna.” Pronounced in this way, his name means “thief of hearts” and yes, he is irresistibly lovable.

harry win georgian.jpgcropped

Prinz Harry’s Win at Georgian Downs

He is a natural coach who enjoys the opportunity to connect with new people. Harry is a Standardbred, a horse known for its placid disposition and recognized as people-oriented and easy-to-train. Harry is still high energy and likes to run any chance he gets. He loves a good roll when the opportunity presents itself. Harry lets us know that it’s ok to show your vulnerability. He encourages those around him to play and let go of inhibitions. He can be a boundary breaker, is easily distracted and like many youngsters — he likes to test his limits. Harry teaches us that unexpected set backs and life changes can lead to new directions. If your life is in transition, then this Prinz is ready to work with you to explore new opportunities and the art of reinvention.