Leroy Brown

Everybody loves a donkey and everybody loves Leroy Brown. Leroy arrived at the farm in Fall, 2014. Like people, 11998309_400022803529740_1078919871_nchange can be difficult for animals and Leroy Brown is no exception. It took him some time to find his place among the herd. Leroy knows where home is now and has found some friends to hang with. Look into his eyes and you see a wise, gentle soul who likes an occasional scratch behind his ears.

While Leroy is not part of many FEEL activities, he does enjoy being a part of Meet the Herd. He enjoys a scratch behind the ear or a donkey hug. This guy has lots of love to share and when he invites you in, you can’t help but be drawn into his quiet warmth. Stand in silence with him and you will discover that for Leroy, home is where his heart is. Welcome home Leroy.