Viviane’s View: If you have a dream, go chase it…

“If you have a dream, go chase it
If you feel hope, don’t waste it
If you find love, embrace it
And never take a single breath for granted”

— Granted by Josh Groban

When I came to Canada last year, I dreamed of an internship with horses. I found something much bigger.  I found a place that invites  humans to step from a place of darkness into a place of light;  from a place of fear into a place of hope.

This place changed my life. It changed my dream and returning this summer reinforced this dream.

I dreamed of a place where people who’ve lost hope — find hope. A place where people who don’t know what love is — can learn to embrace this feeling again; to embrace themselves again.

I dreamed of a place where people can lean on a strong shoulder, where they can talk to someone who doesn’t judge or not say anything and still be understood. I dreamed of a place where peace is present and where the need for connection is met.

I dreamed of a place that is not about outrunning others, but about learning to run together as a team. A place where people can discover who they really are and how strong they can be or might have been all along.

I dreamed of a place where people learn to stand up for themselves and learn to make their own decisions again. A place that is not about performing, but about self-discovery and creating healthy relationship with others.

I dreamed of a place that doesn’t demand perfection, but the willingness to be authentic. A place where people can take off their masks and break  down their walls. Where humans are allowed to be human: imperfect and unique.

I dreamed of a place where people can realize that we might all be different and are yet the same: vulnerable beings who all have their story and a gentle heart. A place where people learn to find their heart again. A heart that can feel, be healed, and can guide us to where we want to be, if we only listen. Our heart allows us to gift ourselves and others with what actually counts: connection, trust, and respect – for self and others.

Horses base their relationships on trust and respect. They base their decisions on what they feel. They don’t judge. They listen. They don’t walk alone, they walk together. And they want us to walk with them — with all of our heart.

I found my place that is heaven on earth between these beautiful creatures. A place that represents a dream turned into reality by someone who followed her heart.  This dream is called “The Mane Intent.” There should be more places like this. You should visit this place. It will change your life. It’s magic.

I am inspired by the dream of creating a place where people can heal in the presence of a horse. I know it is a dream worth chasing.

About the Author: Viviane Burmester recently completed a degree in International Business Management  and in July, 2018 was accepted into a Psychology degree program at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg, Germany. In 2017, she completed a 5-month internship at The Mane Intent and in 2018 returned to the farm for a 5-week visit. English is her second language. Sebastian, pictured here, is her special horse.

The Mane Intent

August 28, 2018

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