The Fulcrum Advantage: Engaging Your Whole Self in Business and Life

“Today, the defining skills of the previous era — the ‘left-brain’ capabilities that powered the Information Age — are necessary but no longer sufficient. And the capabilities we once disdained or thought frivolous — the ‘right-brain’ qualities of inventiveness, empathy, joyfulness, and meaning — increasingly will determine who flourishes and who flounders. For individuals, families, and organizations, professional success and personal fulfillment now require a whole new mind.” – Daniel Pink, Author, A Whole New Mind: While Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future

Smart leaders know how to fully invest their time, talent and social intelligence to create results and relationships that matter most. The Fulcrum Advantage is a leadership effectiveness coaching program designed to accelerate your development as a high-performance leader-manager in a high-tech world where we are wired to connect.

People like you, who are leading from the middle and executive levels of organizations, struggle with these universal challenges:  the need to…develop relevant effectiveness skills, inspire and develop others, lead effective teams, and guide change…all while navigating internal stakeholders and politics.

Benefit from this unique coaching program that levers the strength of your ‘whole mind’ –  analytical and FulcrumAdv_LOGO_FNL-01interpersonal –  to produce better results, improve relationships and lead stronger teams.  Lever The Fulcrum Advantage to create an environment where people naturally work together to do remarkable things.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop greater discipline for improved effectiveness with the support of a mobile management toolkit designed to help you focus on the job you were hired to do, meet performance expectations, improve effectiveness of time spent in meetings, and improve awareness of managerial styles you engage in at work.
  • Enhance your emotional self-awareness and interpersonal skills, improve your ability to empathize with others, understand the subtleties of human interactions, while improving your ability to facilitate, coach and collaborate with others for greater engagement and shared purpose at work.

The Fulcrum Advantage is 12-month coaching program designed to help you accelerate results and achieve high performance, by enhancing your ability to balance your technical skills with soft skills for better leadership. This Effectiveness Coaching offer gives you access to The Emerson Suite™, a mobile, management toolkit with a proven coaching methodology to help you become a more effective leader-manager while connecting you with the power of equine experiential learning to develop emotionally intelligent behavior for maximum social and team effectiveness.

 Complete this customized program and here’s what’s possible for you:

  1. Greater personal success through more effective managerial practices (promotions, new job offers, higher performance appraisals, financial gain, peer support and recognition)
  2. More effective and stronger teams, working well together and supporting each other
  3. Greater clarity around goals and intentions, learning to effectively articulate your vision for a project or organization, along with steps required to achieve it
  4. Better interpersonal relationships, improved communication skills and engagement
  5. Enhanced organizational change management

 The Fulcrum Advantage Leadership Effectiveness Coaching offer includes:

  • A two-hour introductory coaching session that will produce your change agenda and set the foundation for your personal development program
  • Introductory 90 minute equine experiential learning session at The Mane Intent™ (90 minutes north east of GTA) and understand the learning potential of working on the ground in partnership with horses as natural coaches for greater individual and team effectiveness
  • Two private coaching sessions per month for the first four months
  • One private coaching session per month for the remainder of the program
  • One Multidimensional Inventory for Emotional Social Competency profile administered by Trent University and one behavioural profile
  • Three 90 minute horse-assisted coaching sessions at The Mane Intent™ to help you:
    • Improve personal resilience, your ability to stay calm under pressure, effectively manage stress and recover quickly from setbacks or upsets;
    • Improve your ability to identify and monitor emotions – your own and others’ – to more effectively manage relationships;
    • Practice mindfulness at work and learn to live in the moment, while fostering a fun workplace;
    • Become a more effective and empathetic communicator, adopting good listening skills while being clear about intentions and direction;
    • Learn and develop the emotional skills required for effective leadership in a world where we are wired to connect.

Access to The Emerson Suite™, a mobile, management toolkit including:

  • The Job Effectiveness Planner (Outputs, Metrics and Authority) to help you focus on the job you were hired to do, and performance expectations of your role;
  • Meeting Effectiveness Planner to evaluate the effectiveness of your time spent in meetings. It indicates meetings that need to change, and how to eliminate or negotiate meetings that are wasting your time;phone
  • The Ownership Grid clarifying the roles and responsibilities within the processes, decisions, or projects you own or play a role in while taking into consideration the needs of key stakeholders;
  • The 3D Personal Style Profile providing awareness of the managerial styles you engage in a work;
  • The 3D Multi-Rater Style Plan, a feedback tool creating immediate awareness of the simple changes you can make to improve your influence with stakeholders to get the right things done.

Watch this short video to learn more about the Emerson Suite toolkit.

  • Optional team building session with your team and the herd at The Mane Intent™. Working in partnership with our herd, your team will gain alignment on goals, improve communication (non-verbal and listening skills), recognize individual reactions to stress and pressure, while learning the “give and take” of consensual leadership. (Priced separately).

About Jennifer Garland, your Effectiveness Coach and Equine Experience Facilitator:

Jennifer 1bwJennifer Garland has over 25 years of leadership experience in communications, marketing and change management supporting a variety of public and private sector clients. As a strategist, facilitator and effectiveness coach, Jennifer has provided counsel and support to senior leaders from all walks of life to create opportunities to build productive relationships, facilitate learning and to embrace change. She has facilitated strategic planning retreats and team building events for corporate groups with up to 300 participants.

“As a corporate team building exercise or for personal growth – The Mane Intent offers a truly inspiring experience. Jennifer’s coaching and artful facilitation along with the gentle energy of her equine partners are a powerful combination – and its offered up in a beautiful setting! Highly recommend it.” Bernie Sutton, Consultant

“Jennifer’s guidance and leadership through the coaching process was insightful and valuable. This experience made me more aware of my own coaching styles and how to adapt to coaching different people in different situations using the appropriate style.” Amanda Andersen, General Manager, Southwestern Ontario, Reliance Home Comfort

Discover what’s possible when you fully ignite what your ‘whole mind’ is capable of.

For more information: P: 416-347-3235/705-295-6618; E:

Visit The Mane Intent for more information on the full scope of our programs and offerings.

The Mane Intent

September 6, 2016

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