“What a delicious blend of strength, power, tenderness and understanding Sunny offered me. He put sunshine in my heart. What a welcoming gift of warm and welcoming energy that Jennifer and Sunny offered me.” Client, The Mane Intent

Sunny is the main character in The Mane Intent story — it all began with him. We purchased Sunny in November 2011 on gray rainy day. That day this beautiful Palamino Tennessee Walking horse, with soft eyes and sensitive ears, Sunnywalked into the heart of  The Mane Intent’s founder Jennifer Garland. She followed his lead and together they moved forward in a new and unexpected direction.

Sunny is the herd’s alpha male — the big cheese, the one in charge. Everyone respects Sunny. He wants you to think that he is a tough guy and often he acts this way with other herd members. Push his buttons, however, and he comes undone. Sometimes Sunny is afraid of his own shadow. Unexpected loud noises make him shudder and shake. When things go bump in the night, he is the first to take cover. He needs a strong leader to show him the way. He greets you on his terms and sometimes can be a bit aloof or walk the other way. But deep down inside, he is a sensitive guy with a big heart who just needs to be assured that it is ok to show your vulnerability.

Sunny works well with a variety of clients. He enjoys being groomed and is prepared to hold space for those who need to share their thoughts and burdens. He values the support of others and particularly values being part of team activities and group events.