Misty is a miniature horse with a big personality. It’s hard to overlook her because she is usually in your face or under your feet. She is an extrovert in every sense of the word who clearly enjoys the company of others, particularly those of the opposite gender. Misty is always there to welcome new herd members. She is also usually the first herd member to welcome new clients as well. She is our greeter and she is warm and friendly to everyone she meets. Just don’t get between Misty and her food — she loves her food and it shows. She tends to be a little on the heavy side but that doesn’t keep her from being light hearted and ready to play.

Misty is the ideal partner for clients who arrive at the farm with a fear of horses. She enjoys meeting clients during Meet the Herd and is eager to reassure clients that The Mane Intent is a great place to explore what’s possible with a little horse power.