“I felt very connect to Seb on a personal level with him and safe in the now and present.” Participant, Equine Support for Post-Traumatic Growth

“I connected with Sebastian — we had similar personalities.” Participant, Equine Support for Post-Traumatic Growth

Sebastian is a curious horse who likes to push his boundaries. He is the herd’s “bad boy” and doesn’t like to follow the sebrules. As long as things are going his way, he is happy and relaxed. Sebastian doesn’t like to be out of his comfort zone and he prefers the company of others. He is the watcher of the herd. When there is a perceived threat, he is the first to flee, signalling to his team that it’s time to run. He is full of surprises and is an old soul. He reminds us to establish our own boundaries and personal space, and is open to sharing other life lessons along the way.

Sebastian is a Tennessee Walking Horse, a breed known for being friendly and people-oriented. He was imported from Tennessee together with Sunny. The two were separated upon their arrival to Canada, having found separate homes and three years later, found themselves reunited at Renegade Ridge Farm in 2012.  Sebastian enjoys working with a variety of individual clients — but he particularly enjoys working with groups and teams visioning success together.