Now Offering Connection-Focused Therapy®  for Overall Improved Quality of Life

In November, I had an opportunity to visit Eponaquest founder and author Linda Kohanov in Arizona to learn some new skills and work with her wonderful herd of horses.  I was participating in an offering of Connection-Focused Therapy®. This research-informed program was developed by Dr. Rebecca Bailey and Linda Kohanov to support individuals and families struggling with significant life challenges.

Dr. Rebecca Bailey, Ph.D., is a leading family psychologist and personal therapist. The founder of Transitioning Families, Dr. Bailey has worked with police departments and the FBI to raise awareness and sensitivity to the issues that victims of rape, abduction, and other crimes face in surviving these extreme experiences, reuniting with their families, and healing over time. While she has worked with hundreds of individuals and families in crisis, she is best known as the  highly skills therapist who helped Jaycee Dugard reunite with her family after she was rescued from a highly-publicized 18-year abduction.

Three core principles: safety, connection and acceptance are part of every CFT session. With the support of horses in equine-facilitated experiences and a licensed mental health professional – clients are presented with opportunities to notice and understand their thoughts, behaviours and emotions, and how all three are affected by nervous system responses.

These horse activities also support the progressive practice of skills for increasing self-regulation, co-regulation, social skills and overall improved quality of life.

I always appreciate an opportunity to build upon our existing toolkit of experiences to help clients build overall personal resilience. Connie Oates, a child psychologist who serves family and youth in the Peterborough community, was my travel mate on this adventure. It was inspiring to be among a group of like-minded professionals from around the world in beautiful Arizona who share a passion for the healing power of horses.  

About the Author: Jennifer Garland is a Registered Psychotherapist and the Owner/Program Director of The Mane Intent, offering individual psychotherapy, equine-assisted therapy, teambuilding and leadership development, and health and wellness workshops. Jennifer’s intent is to bring horses, donkeys and humans together to explore new possibilities and find new meaning in lived experience. The Mane Intent was the recipient of two Chamber of Commerce 2022 Business Excellence Awards.

The Mane Intent

December 16, 2022

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