“I felt affection and at peace with Maggie.” Participant, Equine Support for Post-Traumatic Growth

“Maggie is outwardly gentle in manner with a core of steel. She is not overly forthcoming with her tenderness, vulnerability and acceptance. The power and strength of her heart and her willingness to offer me the space I needed was a very special experience for me.” Private Client

Maggie connects with others on her own terms (and sometimes not at all). She is a “call it as she sees it” kind of horse. Sometimes the medicine she dishes up can be quite strong, but exactly what her clients’ need. Her demeanour can be a little cool; or it can be equally warm and accepting for a special client.

Maggie is a Spotted Saddle Horse, a breed from the United States that was developed by crossing Spanish-American type gaited pinto ponies with gaited horse breeds. This breed has a reputation for having a gentle temperament, for being sure-footed and agile and good on steep and rough trails. They are quiet horses with very kind and inquisitive dispositions.

Reliance - Team6_retouchedMaggie enjoys her work in equine experiential learning, having welcomed a variety of individuals and groups to discover consensual leadership and what’s possible when you are ready to work together towards a common goal. Maggie particularly enjoys working side-by-side and in tandem with clients, needing neither submission or control. She is prepared to allow the direction, pace and mutual energy to emerge.

Maggie2Maggie has a colourful mane and expressive eyes and enjoys any opportunity for self-care and pampering. Maggie helps us understand the importance of setting boundaries, of understanding our need for personal space and the need to respect others’ boundaries. She reminds us to take care of ourselves and to know that we are the only ones who can allow others to come in contact with us in any way.

In moments of quiet, free of expectations and away from her herd, she will open her heart to you. It is in this space that we find our Magic.

Find out why Maggie is a wonderful natural coach by watching her video here.