Building Internal Resilience Through Horses Equine-Assisted Learning Facilitator Training Certificate — Nova Scotia

Attention East Coast Mental Health and Equine Professionals

This 4-day in-person offering is intended to equip you with practical tools and support so you’ll have the necessary skills and knowledge to offer Building Internal Resilience Through Horses in your community.

After this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how trauma and stress influences our nervous system, impacting our thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Explain the benefits of working with horses in a therapeutic way to invite greater self-awareness and overall wellness
  • Explain the Multi-factor/Multi-Level Model of Resilience
  • Utilize at least 8 equine-assisted strengths-based learning interventions designed to foster a greater sense of mastery, improve a personal sense of relatedness, and enhance emotional regulation
  • Utilize at least 5 expressive arts interventions to invite greater self-awareness and creative expression
  • Use at least 5 interventions to invite mindfulness and enhanced personal presence, while helping to decrease hypervigilance and anxiety
  • Design and delivery a group workshop using a trauma- and violence-informed practice

You will receive:

1) Theory-based lessons and lecture content in a classroom setting to teach you how to incorporate Equine-Assisted Learning and BIRTH programming into your mental health and wellness practice, covering the following topics:

  • Overview on the benefits of working with horses in a therapeutic manner, including an overview of horse language/behaviour
  • The neuroscience of trauma, human brains and horse brains and how each influences how we experience the world
  • The Polyvagal Theory and Window of Tolerance: Implications for horsemanship and equine-facilitated learning
  • Equine-facilitated learning versus equine-psychotherapy (understanding scope of practice)
  • The Multi-factor/Multi-level Model of Resilience used in Building Internal Resilience Through Horses
  • Trauma- and Violence-Informed practice and implications for equine-assisted learning
  • Mindfulness and Grounding activities
  • Facilitating experiential learning and tools to enhance group facilitation skills
  • 8 Core BIRTH Program Modules and learning goals
  • Overview of BIRTH program research and program measurement outcomes
  • EAL program delivery practical considerations
  • Tips and tools for facilitating groups
  • Participant screening and recruitment considerations – working with vulnerable populations

2) Practical hands-on experiential learning of your new skills including:

  • Getting to know a gentle, relaxed mixed herd of equines, full of character, heart and spirit.
  • Working together with our herd, while receiving hands-on experience with up to 8 equine-assisted learning sessions defining the core curriculum for Building Internal Resilience Through Horses
  • Engaging in expressive and creative arts activities that support the program and inviting your own greater self-awareness
  • How to work with horses in a group setting, while understanding herd dynamics and horse behaviour
  • Planning and delivering your own workshop

3) All program materials and handouts needed to start your own Equine-Assisted Learning Practice and to offer Building Internal Resilience through Horses programming:

  • A print and .pdf copy of Building Internal Resilience Manual, a full-colour 139 page manual representing the culmination of the four-year research project led by Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre with The Mane Intent and Trent University as program partners and with funding provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The manual is a comprehensive overview of the program and intervention research, including program approaches, modalities and principles; detailed session designs for the core program curriculum; program delivery practical considerations, participant screening and recruitment recommendations; and supporting resource material including templates that support program.

4)  An opportunity to enjoy your own unique personal and professional learning journey cradled in the serene beauty of scenic barns and lake views offered by our host Healing with Horses

5) Access to all that Halifax and surrounding areas has to offer. Healing with Horses is located just outside Brookfield, Nova Scotia, approx. 30 minutes from Halifax. If you love the outdoors, the area boasts deep forests, open fields, plentiful waters and wilderness areas that make this a nature lovers paradise.

6) Access to Lead Facilitator and Program Founder Jennifer Garland for follow-up coaching and support (for an additional fee). Learn more about Jennifer here.

7) Access to an on-line Facebook community and option to join an on-going monthly membership program with self-paced learning modules to support your professional and personal growth.

Learn more about our EAL Facilitator Training here.

About Your Lead Facilitator and Host:

This training will be facilitated by Jennifer Garland, Registered Psychotherapist and Owner/Program Manager of The Mane Intent and hosted by Janet Tomlinson of Healing with Horses in Brookfield, Nova Scotia (484 Shortts Lake West Road).

Janet is a Registered Counselling Therapist with a focus on treating trauma and addiction. Janet has worked in partnership with horses for over 20 years, appreciating the power and healing potential of being in their company. Janet is trained in a variety of treatment modalities including CBT, DBT, EMDR and CPT.

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Jul 13 - 17 2023


9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
All Day




Healing Through Horses
484 Shortts Lake West Road, Brookfield, Nova Scotia
The Mane Intent


The Mane Intent
(705) 295-6618