Belle and Blue are a mother and daughter team. They arrived here in December 2016. Belle was born in 2002. Her daughter Blue arrived unexpectedly in May, 2012. Both come from a loving home where they worked as a draft team to cultivate new growth, supporting an interest in the traditional agricultural lifestyle.

Large in stature, both horses have equally big hearts.  They share striking blue eyes that give them an ‘other-worldly’ presence. According to some clients, when they look into your eyes, they could be looking into your soul. This is an easy-going pair who enjoy spending time together with each other and with their humans. Their gentle presence and quiet nature invite even the most timid in for a visit and a soft nuzzle.

While they work individually to support clients, Belle and Blue also put their power to work in another way — working together as our draft team pulling our sleigh and wagon for tours around the farm.

Belle and Blue are our resident goddesses, channeling the ancient wisdom of the Greek Great Mother goddess Demeter, a goddess of life and death. The Greeks emphasized her role as goddess of the cultivated earth, the giver of fruitfulness and abundance and the provider of the gift of agriculture. She and her daughter, Persephone, called by the Greeks ‘the goddesses’, together represent the continuous cycle of life and death, the two phases of the vegetative power of the earth. Like Demeter and Persephone, Belle and Blue have a great love for each other, and together they offer a blessing of fruitfulness and possibility, of coming joy, of abundant life and of hope.