Horses are Natural Coaches

“The essence of this experience is the unique connection between horse and human. What horses bring to this offering is their ability to understand or intuit our emotions. They can evoke a human response that is unexpected and powerful. It is in that moment that the gate of possibility opens and the path to healing or self-awareness begins. It is this natural ability to read our personal energy and connect to the essence of our emotions that makes horses powerful natural coaches.” Jennifer Garland, Founder, The Mane Intent

By working on the ground in partnership with horses as natural coaches, we can:

  • Become aware of subtleties of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Improve attention, mindfulness and focusing abilities
  • Become aware of incongruence of intention versus behavior
  • Identify and respect boundaries with ourselves and with others
  • Confront insecurities and develop confidence
  • Adjust to the relativity of time, expand the moment
  • Cope with stress, grief and unexpected set-backs

Trust is negotiated between horse and human – each has to earn it from the other. Our offering is tailored to each participant or group of participants because horses and humans experience each other uniquely on their own terms. The shared journey between the beginning and the end of the activity and the connection between the horse and human is the reward and is often a source of personal and professional insight.

How Does It Work?

In an individual or group session, there is typically an activity with a common, clear goal, for example identifying barriers that might be keeping you from achieving your main intent. That activity would occur in the arena or in the round pen with horses and people working together in a controlled setting. All the work is done on the ground — there is no riding involved. Depending on the activity, the horses are at liberty, free to roam as they please, or they are on a lead line, guided by you. Partnering with you as a participant in this activity, the horse encourages you to explore what’s possible. Each horse is taking in at all times the information we convey in the moment, consciously and unconsciously. Our feelings, breathing, movement and posture provide the horse with a catalogue of information, enabling this natural coach to give us immediate, 100% non-judgemental, observable feedback.

When you engage with an open heart and mind, free of expectation, then the gift of personal and professional insight is yours for the taking.

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