What’s Your Moonshot for Positive Impact?

What would you say if you were invited to share your Moonshot? A Moonshot is “an ambitious, exploratory and ground-breaking project undertaken without expectation of near-term profitability or benefit and also, perhaps, without a full investigation of potential risks and benefits.” —  WhatIs.com In July, Archangel founder Giovanni Marsico and keynote Naveen Jain (billionaire philanthropist

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Community Agencies Endorse Building Internal Resilience Through Horses

The recently announced $464,983 investment will support the development and delivery of a new community-based program call Building Internal Resilience Through Horses. The program is designed to promote resilience and life-skills in young women aged 13 – 18 years living in the City and County of Peterborough and surrounding areas who are survivors of child maltreatment

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