4 Ways to Cultivate Kindness, In Oneself and Others

Becoming mindful of ourselves allows us to go through life with intent and purpose, opposed to mindless thinking which entails a programmed, single-minded thought, rigid against surprise. Mindfulness training requires a deep connection with our bodies, minds, and surroundings. The benefits of mindfulness stretch far and wide from relationships, work life, family and our inner-self.

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We’re Presenting at HETI 2018 in Dublin

We’re pleased to announce that our proposal has been accepted for presentation at the 16th International Congress of Equine Facilitated Programmes (HETI 2018) in Dublin, Ireland. Our proposal represents a collaboration between The Mane Intent Inc., Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre and Trent University and is titled: “Experiential Learning with Horses: An Innovative Approach to Fostering

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Niagara Federation of University Women Feature The Mane Intent at March 2018 Public Meeting

Jennifer Garland, Owner/Program Director for The Mane Intent Inc., will be the featured speaker at the Niagara Federation of University Women’s Public Meeting in March. “Experiential Learning with Horses: Finding Connection in a Wired World” is the topic of her presentation which will highlight how modern life is impacting the health of young people and

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