Why Rural Health Care Matters

“A major challenge for health care providers throughout our careers is to conduct our relationships with patients, colleagues, ‘supervisors’, and employees in a manner that is professional, sensitive, perceptive, confident and authentic. Especially with regard to patients, our conduct must be characterized by compassion and respect.”  Beverley Kane, M.D., Stanford Medical School — Medicine and Horsemanship

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Medicine and Horsemanship Workshop Focuses on Transforming Healthcare Provider-Patient Relationships

Improving Interpersonal Skills, Teamwork and Leadership  in Healthcare — Unique Workshop is One of a Kind in Ontario A series of innovative, two-day workshops called Medicine and Horsemanship: Transforming the Healthcare Provider-Patient Relationship hosted by Trent Hills Physician Recruitment are planned on June 7 & 8, August 15 & 16 and October 3 & 4,

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