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The Power of Breath: Learn Healthy Breathing Habits

Did you know that breathing habits are at the root of many health issues?

Breathing affects every organ system in the body. Considering most of us take over 10,000 breaths per day, dysfunctional breathing can result in a broad range of ailments. Adults and children who experience chronic nasal problems, chronic cough, breathlessness, snoring and sleep apnea, anxiety or panic attacks all breath incorrectly, without exception. In addition, there are many more symptoms and conditions related to poor breathing i.e. fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, dental problems, frequent urination, recurrent colds and much more.

One-Day Workshop: The Power of Breath: Healthy Habits for Better Breathing

Here’s an opportunity to feel better by tapping into the power of healthy breathing. You will receive information and tools to change the way you breathe. Working in partnership with horses as natural coaches, you will have an opportunity to put these techniques into practice, while becoming more aware of your body and how you breathe. Like humans, horses give and receive information through the quality and frequency of their breathing. For example, some breathing behaviours convey feelings of stress or fear to a horse, often preventing their willingness to connect with a human partner. Examples of such breathing behaviours include: breath holding, fast ‘shallow’ breathing, repetitive high volume breathing i.e. mouth breathing or sighing.

This unique workshop is offered exclusively to groups of six – eight adult participants (over 18 years of age).

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for adults who not only struggle to breath easily because of asthma, nasal congestion, chronic cough, sleep apnea or anxiety, but also for any individual who simply wants to optimize all aspects of their health and mental well-being. Even the ‘fittest’ athletes often have dysfunctional breathing habits preventing them from peak performance. Note: certain health conditions (e.g. Severe COPD) are not appropriate for the workshop format — this will be screened upon registration with complete confidentiality.

What Will Participants Learn?

Participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn how improper breathing habits may be getting in the way of their optimal health
  • Learn about the myths and misunderstandings surrounding “healthy breathing”
  • Learn techniques to help restore regular, comfortable breathing with good posture
  • Receive strategies to relieve and prevent the stress response, breathlessness, panic attacks, respiratory illness, snoring and insomnia and much more
  • Learn how easy it is to integrate better breathing habits into everyday life

How It Works:

The day will include a combination of information-sharing, discussion, demonstration and hands-on exploration.

By engaging in ground work with horses in a controlled setting, we will discover our breathing habits and learn new techniques to help us feel better. How the horse reacts to your breath, behaviour and body language provides clear, intuitive feedback you can use to change the way you breathe. No previous horse experience is required and at no point will participants be required to ride a horse. All exercises with the horses are on the ground and guided by a professionally certified facilitator.

About Your Workshop Facilitators:

Heather Grieve, Physiotherapist and Breathing Educator:

Heather Grieve, Physiotherapist and Breathing Educator

Heather graduated from Queen’s University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science (Hon. Physical Therapy). She has subsequently worked with a broad range of clients at private orthopaedic and sport injury clinics located in Kingston, ON; Dublin, Ireland; Fredericton, NB; and Peterborough, ON. She currently bases her practice within the Murphy Therapeutic Group in Peterborough, ON.

Over the years, Heather has taken an extensive range of post-graduate physiotherapy courses and certifications. In 2012, Heather completed a course entitled ‘An Introduction to Breathing Assessment and Re-education’, not realizing how this experience would set her up on a new and exciting path. She found this course so inspiring, she soon pursued more extensive coursework in the field through the Graduate School of Behaviour Sciences (University of Wyoming) as well as completing the comprehensive Buteyko Breathing Educator training course with Chris Bauman, MA (via BBE Canada). This past fall, she was invited to attend further studies in Australia with another world class breathing educator, Tess Graham, PT.

Because of the potent health benefits Heather experienced for herself and witnessed in others during this coursework, she has decided to dedicate her entire clinical practice towards breathing re-education. It is her goal and passion to share how learning healthy breathing habits can be a powerful tool in attaining health and well-being. To learn more about the services she offers, please visit Murphy Therapeutic Group.

Jennifer Garland, Owner/Program Director, The Mane Intent:

Jennifer Garland and Raven, a natural coach at The Mane Intent

Jennifer Garland is the Owner/Program Director of The Mane Intent, offering Health and Wellness Workshops and Individual and Team Effectiveness Coaching. Jennifer’s intent is to bring horses and humans together to explore new possibilities, getting you out of your comfort zone and giving clarity of voice to your leader within. She has over 25 years of leadership experience in communications, cause-related marketing and change management. As a strategist, facilitator and effectiveness coach, Jennifer has provided counsel and support to senior leaders from all walks of life to build productive relationships, facilitate learning and to embrace change. She is a ‘socialpreneur’ who values the art of living life fully with intent.

Workshop Registration:

Note: Workshop fee of $350 per person includes all course materials, horse activities, journals, snacks. (Participants to bring their own lunch)

To register for this unique workshop, please contact Jennifer Garland at 705-295-6618 or email



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