Horse-Inspired Wellness for Life

Horse-inspired wellness is our main intent.

At The Mane Intent, we work in partnership with horses as natural coaches. In experiential interactions with horses guided by a professional facilitator and certified effectiveness coach, you gain self-knowledge and acquire skills that can lead to positive life changes at work, at home and at play. We offer a variety of both individual and group facilitated workshops to help you discover ways to nurture and strengthen interpersonal connections, find connection and meaning in a busy life, unearth your talents, gifts and creativity, and live fully with intent and an open heart.

To learn more about the benefits of working with horses as natural coaches, watch our video.

The word “intention” in Latin means “to stretch towards.” Forming intentions helps us to clarify what qualities of being we are stretching towards, yearning for, and longing to grow into. We each have the freedom to use the power of our mind to choose our own thoughts, feelings and growth directions. We also have the power to discover our life’s purpose.  Jungian analyst James Hillman calls it “the Acorn Theory”: the idea that we are born with a soul that shapes our destiny. This means that our full potential already lies within us. The challenge: our potential will lie dormant if our life conditions are not ideal for growth. Our intent is to bring horses and humans together to explore new possibilities and experiences that get them out of their comfort zone and give clarity of voice to their leader within. Living life fully with intent is achieved by uncovering that which makes our heart sing, lights our fire, and rocks our world, unleashing our potential to run freely at full gallop.

Define and create success on our own terms by taking the lead and believing in what’s possible. Jump start your change here at The Mane Intent.

No riding or previous horse experience is required. The interactions with horses are done on the ground.

I’m so happy to be collaborating with The Mane Intent. I’ve been involved with horses since I was a toddler and attribute my sanity in great part to their presence in my life! Having participated in a session with the horses under Jennifer’s guidance, I can say without a doubt that it’s both fascinating and revealing.”

– Shelagh Meagher, Author, Founder of Gumption: The Practical Woman’s Guide to Living an Adventuresome Life